lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010


SO yeah, I'll start posting on english, since I'm bored of writing in spanish and stuff.
More people will understand what I'm saying anyway.
Anyway, I did some 40 pages long children's book story for a contest which I didn't won, and meanwhile I find where I can Publish it , here are some samples:

And here is some character Design commission I did for Mr Donn Kinnley, I have done 2 of 4, but look, I can totally do a decent turn around, Its all done in phothoshop CS5, the other 3 turn around wont be posted, they're going straight to my character design portfolio once finished.

Oh, also I just turned 22 years old some days ago, It was awesome, you should try it too!


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Edian dijo...

Hi! So... you're selling the pages, how much each one? Love your work!!